Green Iron Oxide Pigment

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Iron oxide pigments are powders which can either be stirred into wet concrete before it’s poured into the molds, or applied as a wash after the stone is demolded (see Decorative Finishes in our Tutorials for a full description of wash techniques). Eight ounces of pigment will color approximately 4-6 stepping stones or 8-10 edging stones. Our Photo Gallery has examples of iron oxide staining and finishing.
Please note: each oxide color has a different density. If you order two or more colors you may notice that one jar is fuller than the other. Rest assured that all jars contain 8 ounces of pigment.

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2 reviews for Green Iron Oxide Pigment

  1. Angilina Jensen (verified owner)

    Love this color pigment and so helpful to provide measurements. I use a 60lb bag of Quickcrete which makes two large square stones so knowing how much pigment to use was so helpful!!!!

    Wonderful product. Can’t wait for the craft fair. Making a ton of them for a fundraiser!!!! This is the second batch using the molds which are wonderful too….

  2. Georgia (verified owner)

    This colour is exactly what I was looking for, for the fern molds. I haven’t used it yet, (it’s up next) but I know I’m going to love it!

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